(for registered therapy dogs and handlers only)

All during the year Therapy Dogs of Boulder County gather to attend therapy dog visiting events at the Boulder CU Campus in Boulder.  Sometimes it is for “finals week” so the students have an opportunity to come meet a dog for a pleasant break and a bit of distraction.  There are also CU Dorms and other location visits during the year.

Note:  The University has a new policy that all teams visiting campus must have completed the registration form below.  This includes hospital teams, facility teams…all therapy dog teams.


If you work at CU and would like to be considered to have therapy dogs come to your facility, please use the “Contact Us” form on the main menu and state your request.  It should be understood that not all locations on Campus will qualify for therapy dog visits, but we are happy to discuss it with you.

Requirements for the therapy dog teams:

  1.  Therapy Dog Registration:  All teams must be registered with a therapy dog association.  The accepted registration memberships are:

– Alliance of Therapy Dogs (
– PetPartners(
– Therapy Dogs International (

If you are not presently registered with any association, there are several tester/observers for Alliance of Therapy Dogs inside of our Therapy Dogs of Boulder County group who can help get you started on that process.  Use the “contact us” selection from the main menu and let us know you would like to be tested with your dog.

Are you interested in being a therapy dog team at CU Events? 

If your answer is “Yes”, then you can get this process started by filling out the application form below.  Once your application is received, a representative will contact you by email to discuss the next steps:

CU Events Registration

This form is for registration of teams wanting to participate in upcoming College Therapy Dog Events. It is mandatory we have a copy of your therapy dog registration membership card for you to participate in the CU Campus Events.