Therapy dogs of Boulder County can assist a facility by discussing policies and options concerning a desired therapy dog program at the facility or many times discussing the rebirth of an existing program.    The purpose of this communication is to establish/review policy to ensure the safety of the therapy dog teams, consistency and organization of the program, and aid the facility towards a successful therapy dog program with proper liability insurance on each therapy dog visit.  The finished result of this effort is called a “vetted facility”.  The TDBC and vetted facility work together closely to achieve these goals.

A Vetted Facility is:

  1. TDBC has reviewed and approved facility policy concerning employee dogs on premises.
  2. TDBC has reviewed and approved facility policy concerning resident dogs on premises.
  3. TDBC has reviewed and approved facility policy concerning visits by family member dogs.
  4. TDBC has reveiwed and approved facility policy concerning outside dog teams entering the facility.
  5. TDBC has a team coordinator consulting to the facility who helps to implement the program.
  6. TDBC has reviewed the facility policy concerning new team enrollment policies at the facility.
  7. TDBC can provide specific services to the facility including:
    1. TDBC web page dedicated to the facility with sign up requirements listed plus applications processes to enable cycling of new teams into the program.
    2. TDBC can set up and operate a team communications group email list whereby all teams, facility representative and TDBC coordinator are all connected for admin and coverage communications.
    3. TDBC can also take on the task of monthly scheduling teams according to the wishes of the facility representative as planned with the TDBC coordinator.
    4. TDBC can assist with writing protocols and regulations for their therapy dog program if the facility so desires.


The vetted facility plan has been proven successful to allow the facility therapy dog program to be safe for the visiting teams, a wonderful experience for the people being visited, safe and least risk for the facility.  The TDBC staff is very knowledgeable about therapy dog work and the facility is very knowledge about their present setup and situations.  Melting these attributes together results in a wonderful experience for all involved.  If you would like us to come talk with you about vetting your facility for a therapy dog program, please contact us with the form below:

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