Arapahoe Ridge High School
6600 Arapahoe
Boulder, CO 80303

Dr. Joan Bludorn, Principal

Arapahoe Ridge High School is an alternative school inside the Boulder Valley School District with approximately 150 teenagers attending Grades 9 through 12.  There are lots of wonderful staff, teachers and counselors at this facility.

        Interested in visiting Arapahoe Ridge High School with your therapy dog?

Arapahoe Ridge High School is a vetted facility working closely with Therapy Dogs Boulder County to bring some wonderful dog therapy to children who greatly appreciate the interaction on a daily basis.  This Therapy Dog program is a totally volunteer program and operates with team visits on Thursdays beginning at 10:30 AM every week.

All teams (a team is a handler and dog) are signed up on a regular visiting schedule.

The monthly frequency of visits are:

  • 1st, 3rd and 5th weeks on same day
  • 2nd and 4th weeks on same day
  • Every Week on same day
  • Serve as an occasional backup team to the regular teams

All teams are required to take a schedule available to them using the above choices.  There are no floating schedules or visitations.  All teams are part of a group email list so they can communicate absences and emergency coverage.  A monthly schedule is created and sent to all teams and administration just before the beginning of each new month.

Requirements for therapy dog teams:

  1. Therapy Dog Registration:  All teams must be registered with a therapy dog association.  The accepted registration memberships are:

– Alliance of Therapy Dogs (
– PetPartners(

If you are not presently registered with any association, there are several tester/observers for Alliance of Therapy Dogs inside of our Therapy Dogs Boulder County group who can help get you started on that process.  Use the “contact us” selection from the main menu and let us know you would like to be tested with your dog.

      Are you interested in being a therapy dog team at Arapahoe Ridge High School? 

If you would like to make application to be a therapy dog team at Arapahoe Ridge High School in Boulder, CO, please click on the following Facility Application Form link which will take you to the Facility application page.  If you would like to make application to more than one Facility, please read about their requirements first before selecting them on the application:

DOGS ONLY, please

Facility Application Form