Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) Testing and Membership

Most all of the TDBC vetted programs require a membership in one of 3 therapy dog registration associations.  This is not only to make sure the dog is safe and the handler has good control of the dog, but also these memberships provide liability insurance in case of a dog mishap.

We have linked to Alliance of Therapy Dogs as our TDBC group has a rather large contingent of tester/observers for that organization.   There are also even more tester/observers for this organization around in our local communities.  ATD has nothing to do with TDBC.  It is simply one of the organizations accepted to complete the registration requirements for most applications.  If you would like to get your dog (and yourself) tested and observed for therapy dog work, you can find a tester/observer on the following page of the ATD website.  Just put in your zip code and it will tell you who is available within 40 miles of your location:

If you want to read up on what is required for testing and how to become a member of the ATD organization, you can read all about it at the following link: