Welcome to Bross Street Assisted Living in Longmont

537 Bross Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Comprehensive Care and Support

“Sensitivity, respect, and understanding all shape how our qualified, certified, and dedicated staff interact with residents, thus creating a trusting and personal relationship to increase their quality of life.  The care provided at Bross Street Assisted Living helps enable our residents to lead a comfortable, dynamic, engaging, and independent lifestyle in their senior years.”

If you are a therapy dog team, are you interested in visiting this facility with your dog?
(see below)

The Bross Street Assisted Living in Longmont is a vetted facility working closely with Therapy Dogs Boulder County to bring some wonderful dog therapy to residents who greatly appreciate the interaction on a daily basis.  This therapy dog program is a totally volunteer program with team visits presently on Wednesday each week at 11:00am.

Teams (a team is a handler and dog) are signed up on a regular visiting schedule.  The team choices for visit scheduling are:

– 2nd & 4th weeks of the month, same day/time
– 1st, 3rd & 5th weeks of the month, same day/time

Note:  Backup or Standby teams also accepted.

All teams are required to take a schedule available to them using the above choices.  There are no floating schedules or visitations.  All teams are part of a group email list so they can communicate absences and emergency coverage.  A monthly schedule is created and sent to all teams and administration just before the beginning of each new month.


  1.  Therapy Dog Registration:  All teams must be registered with a therapy dog association.  The accepted registration memberships are:

– Alliance of Therapy Dogs (www.therapydogs.com)
– PetPartners(www.petpartners.org

If you are not presently registered with any association, we can help you to get started on that process.  Simply indicate your status on the application form below.

2.  A copy of proof regarding your dog is current on the Rabies Vaccination.  A vet record is acceptable.

3.  A copy of proof showing your dog was fecal tested and the test was negative within the last 12 months.

Are you interested in being a therapy dog team at Bross Street Assisted Living in Longmont? 

If you would like to make application to be a therapy dog team at this facility, please click on the following Facility Application Form link which will take you to the Facility application page.  If you would like to make application to more than one Facility, please read about their requirements first before selecting them on the application:

DOGS ONLY, please

Facility Application Form