Children First of the Rockies at Longmont,
Longmont, CO 80502

Why We Exist

Children First of the Rockies services are designed to help families in conflict or crisis improve their quality of life and ensure the safety and well-being of children. Our goals are to provide a nurturing environment in which parents learn parenting skills and provide a safe, secure place for supervised parenting time visits and exchanges. We are the only nonprofit agency in Boulder County offering SAFE Services.

Our SAFE (Safe Access To Family Engagement) Services Program ensures a neutral, safe, and secure site for children to be children and maintain healthy relationships with the adults in their lives. Children are exchanged through our program, or attend supervised parenting time, when the adults are required to, or choose to have contact with their children in a structured environment. Our focus is on preventing the re-victimization of children by adults in conflict and/or crisis.

SAFE Exchange Services provide a way for a child to be exchanged between custodial and non-custodial parents and caregivers without the adults meeting face-to-face, thus avoiding potential conflict and harm to the child.

Supervised Parenting Time Services allow adults who have been separated from their children to maintain relationships by providing a monitored, comfortable environment for them to visit with their children on a routine basis.

THERAPY DOG TEAMS:  Are you interested in helping the Children First program with your therapy dog?

The Children First of the Rockies program is a vetted facility working closely with Therapy Dogs Boulder County to bring some wonderful dog therapy to children who greatly appreciate the interaction.  This Therapy Dog program is a totally volunteer program and operates with team visits at special meetings.

All teams (a team is a handler and dog) are signed up to a group email list which will coordinate the special visits with the facility.  Therapy dog visits might include escorting the child to the meeting room and being in the meeting room with child and parent until no longer needed.  Each meeting is monitored by staff the entire visit.  

Requirements for therapy dog teams:

  1. Therapy Dog Registration:  All teams must be registered with a therapy dog association.  The accepted registration memberships are:

– Alliance of Therapy Dogs (

If you are not presently registered with this association, there are several tester/observers for Alliance of Therapy Dogs inside of our Therapy Dogs Boulder County group who can help get you started on that process.  Use the “contact us” selection from the main menu and let us know you would like to be tested with your dog.

2.  A copy of proof regarding your dog is current on the Rabies Vaccination.  A vet record is acceptable.

3.  A copy of proof showing your dog was fecal tested and the test was negative within the last 12 months.

4.  Teams must also be registered with this website (TDBC) with their contact info and ATD card.

5.  Handlers will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement with the facility before work begins.


      Are you interested in being a therapy dog team at Children First of the Rockies? 

If you would like to make application to be a therapy dog team at Children First of the Rockies at Longmont, please click on the following Facility Application Form link which will take you to the Facility application page.  If you would like to make application to more than one Facility, please read about their requirements first before selecting them on the application:

DOGS ONLY, please

Facility Application Form