Facility Request Form to Begin a Therapy Dog Program

What you can expect from TDBC

  • Thoroughly tested and insured dogs and handlers
  • Constant administrative support to address questions, comments, or concerns
  • All dogs are registered and insured by a national therapy dog association

What TDBC expects from you

  • One contact person for us to work with
  • An orientation appropriate for the facility and or/event if needed
  • A simple set of rules/requirements or enrollment for visiting teams (kept to a minimum)
  • A safe environment for the dogs & Handlers
  • Abide by the vetting points and policies of TDBC which will be explained to you in person

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Daryl Holle

If you are interested in our help to start a therapy dog program at your facility,  Please fill out and submit the application form below.  After your form is received, we will contact you by email to begin the vetting process.

Facility Request for Therapy Dog Program

TDBC therapy dog teams are independent teams volunteering their time to bring smiles and happiness to everyone they visit. We discourage the practice of requiring handlers to be trained and listed as recorded volunteers for your facility. If you are an approved facility, TDBC teams are providing a service for you on their own accord, independently, following the rules and policies of their insuring association and the policies of TDBC.